Cayuga Kennels

Cayuga Kennels
  One day my husband showed me an article about Tollers. He said he had found our new hunting dog. At the end of the article it said to contact Marile Waterstraat who was, at that time, also living in Penfield. In 1987 we got Collier’s Lashbrook Misty Pearl from Paula Collier in Canada., and Tollers have been my passion ever since. Collier’s Magnum Load Dory and Collier’e Lashbrook Tracadie followed in 1988. Although Paula has not been breeding for many years her dogs are in the pedigrees of many dogs in the US and Europe.
  I have been breeding for over 25 years. Cayuga Tollers are seen everywhere. They are doing conformation, agility, flyball, field trials, and therapy work. They are also in homes around the US and Canada as “just pets”; which is the most enjoyable part of breeding. My goal is to breed a healthy Toller, with good temperament and high train-ability, who will become a beloved member of your family. The parents of a Cayuga puppy are chosen carefully. I use selective studs from around the US and Canada.
  Is a Toller the dog for you? Do your homework, visit a Toller, go to a show, or visit a breeder. Once you decide you want a Toller plan on a 6-9 month wait. There are 30-40 litters of 5-6 puppies born each year in the US. Many puppies are sold before they are conceived. Females are harder to get because the breeder frequently keeps one.
  Tollers are not for everyone, and because they are rare I can be selective as to who gets one of mine. Most breeders have special requirements, as an example I will not sell to someone with children under 2 years of age. I also require that the puppy must go to obedience classes.
  Many people have heard that a Toller is not a little golden but want to know why. Tollers have a lot of energy, especially as a puppy. They also need a job that gives them a special place in the family. Although they are great hunting dogs they are a house dog first and foremost. They need to be around people. They love to go places with the family, such as baseball practice. This teaches the dog how to behave around people and dogs of all sizes. The most important thing to remember is that Tollers are very smart. They quickly learn both good and bad behaviors. Don’t think “I’ll teach him the right way when he is older”, It is now or never. If you are short on time, you don’t want a Toller. They need daily exercise and playtime.
  I love to ‘talk Tollers’ so call me.
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We often are traveling to shows or training classes, so feel free to give a call or stop by crates at shows. We lover to talk “Tollers”